TOA BSNL (BMS) demanded immediate promotion orders of all AOs to CAO’s and remaining JTO/JAO’s and SDE’s against all vacancies on existing DOPT guidelines. If there is any legal hurdle, orders may be issued subject to court case as done in other cases . One of the Association misguided the executives that up-gradation was given to AO’s and DE’s cadre under compulsory situation to come out of the court cases , Court cases on seniority still going on . There is no link between up-gradation and court cases as claimed. All court cases are about seniority and no stay granted by any court on promotion orders in any cadres. BSNL Management is very positive in promotions as conveyed by Management during interactive meeting on 10-07-2018 with GS, but both these so called welfare Associations again start creating hurdle in promotions. If Management is not interested than why this Majority Association assured that orders for DE’s will be issued within 15 days from list no 8 . This Association habitual of misguided executives from the last 17 years. After formation of TOA BSNL , these associations are exposed . Why these Associations are silence on parity in promotions among various wings in equivalent cadres from last 18 years .???? When BSNL start promoting , they create hurdle by raising this issue .

BSNL Management start promotion in all cadres ( Account/Civil/Electrical/Telecom/PA/PS after pursuance by TOA BSNL from last one year against all vacant posts.. But due to hindrance created by both these so called welfare Associations promotions order again stopped .

After hard pursuance by TOA BSNL with DOT , Hon'able MOC with support of ITEF and BMS , As promotions in all cadres are held up from last 10 years BSNL Management start promotion in all cadres. after pursuance by our Associations . Now again every efforts has been made by these so called welfare Associations to stopped promotion of DE's to DGM's , Ao's to CAO's , SDE's to DE's from list no 8 , JTO's to SDE's upto RY 2008-09 in the name of CPSU Cadre hierarchy . As per these so called welfare Associations views and policies that whenever issues are pending executives are paying them subscription otherwise employees will stopped subscription . These Associations forced each and every promoted JTO's and SDE's to pay 3000 as protection money without any receipt . TOA BSNL will pursue it with Management and registration authority in this regards. for investigation . Hope that BSNL Management is not part of it.

Latest status regarding 3rd PRC in BSNL.

Now Hon'able MOC is positive in implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL. View point on the subject matter is reflected during Hon'able MOC meeting and award ceremony function held on 10-07-2018 at Bharat Sanchar Bhawan New Delhi. Our Cabinet Note for 3rd PRC is under preparation . TOA BSNL GS and BTEU BSNL GS is in regular touch with Hon'able MOC through BMS and ITEF on subject matter. We hope 3rd PRC with 15% fitness benefit will be implemented in BSNL as assured.

SDE’s to DE’s promotions from list No 8.

Almost all executives in list no 8 are waiting for promotions since 2004. All of them are performing duty of higher responsibility from last 5-6 years . These offices may also be promoted by up-gradation of posts . Most of them are in higher scale so no expenditure is involved .

Delegation of Sh. Anil K Tiwari GS TOA BSNL, Sh. R.C. Pandey GS BTEU BSNL , Sh Sushil Ji , Sh. Hari Ram Ji , Sh. Vipin Ji CS NTR and others met with Dir (HR) , GM(Pers) and GM(SR) on dated 9-07-2018 regarding promotion of 3rd PRC ,DE’s to DGM’s ,AO’s to CAO’s , SDE’s to DE’s from list no 8 , subsequently filling all posts with JTO’s to SDE’s upto RY 2008-09, pay anomaly case of 22820, PA/PS promotions E-2&E3 and other issues .

BSNL Management is very positive and committed in filling of all vacant posts in all cadres in all streams. TOA BSNL view is that all vacant posts should be filled up subject to Court case if any case is pending . but some of the Associations now start creating drama and obstacle for promotions of remaining vacant posts in the name of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy.