Status of AO to CAO Promotions: How our majority and supporting Associations work ???

One of the Association continuously misguided account officers regarding promotions. So called majority and supporting Associations are doing all type of drama on the subject matter and play with sentiment of employees. Actually, all efforts were being made by them in the past to block the promotions in all cadres. One among them block promotion from JTO’s to SDE’s through different court cases, others block promotions of SDE’s to DE’s and AO’s to CAO’s in the name of parity. Third one issue promotion orders on daily basis without recognization and authentication being retiree after creating every hurdle in promotions. Our main majority association congratulated regularly from last so many years for implementation of CPSU’s cadre hierarchy. Now they start blaming each other without fruitful result. More interesting thing is that all are working under same umbrella of “ALL UNIONS….”

” Failure of The Recognized “……………….

Is this not a shame on the recognized association which enjoyed all facilities of a recognized association ever since 2004? Is this the way the association 'STANDS FOR' deprived lot? Perhaps leaving things uncared for years and chest-beating when the issues resolve on their own is part of its 'history'. What have they achieved in the past one and a half years after officially crowned as recognized association? (a) E2, E3 pay scales in place of E1, E2 ? No.................. (b) Cadre hierarchy? No........... (c) 30% Superannuation benefit for BSNL recruited employees? No............. (d) Pay anomaly case Rs.22820 for JTO's of Batch 2007 onward ? No................... (e) Implementation of 3rd pay revision in BSNL? No...................... (f) Formation of BSNL Tower corporation? a big YES---------------- The recognized association and the support associations are enjoying the facilities since the year 2004. Like political parties, they both played the 'vote bank' game alternatively. In the name of getting the issues of BSNL direct recruits resolved, they betrayed both the BSNL absorbed as well as BSNL recruited executives all these years, meanwhile enjoying the exclusive power of negotiation with Management, membership in committees, special casual leave and more than all, misusing the facility of immunity and misusing the recognition as a tool to harass and coerce members of other associations to join them.

TOABSNL vigorously pursuing all HR issues with DOT and GOI with support of Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh and ITEF …..

Our Association pursuing all HR issues like (a) 3rd PRC (b) pay anomaly case of 22820 (c) E2& E3 and subsequent scales (d) CPSU cadre Hierarchy at GM level (e) Pending promotions JTO's to SDE's , SDE's/AO's to DE's/CAO's (list no 8), DE's to DGM's , PS/PSS etc in all cadres . (f) restoration of different perks (g) Implementation of Judgement for officiating JTO's in true spirit. As most of the issues related to financial concurrence , so our association has put forward different proposals for revival and survival of BSNL along with implementation of our demands. We submitted to Honable MOC that Cadre hierarchy is already implemented in different CPSU’s. It should also be implemented on same line in BSNL. If our proposal is accepted, it will lead to another promotions upto additional DGM very soon. As for as roster is concerned, we request BSNL Management to apply existing rules as applicable in others CPSU’s.

All BSNL employees wants reply from these so called welfare associations…. Why Majority Associations are now soft on ITS repatriation issue after creating so much bitterness???.

These so called welfare Associations and unions creating havoc for number of years on ITS repatriation issue after collecting crores of Rs as legal funds without accountability now become soft on ITS repatriation issue . All executives waiting for reply from them .

TOA BSNL is registered Trade Union affiliated with Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh and ITEF is not participating in any strike /rally called by some Associations /Unions. TOABSNL is not in favor political motivated and opposition parties sponsored strike or rally during election time .

TOABSNL again requested all other Associations to come up with concrete proposals openly for implementation of 3rd PRC and resolving others HR issues . Solution for revival and survival should also be part of genuine demands. TOABSNL openly support VRS with additional increments for left out service is a way to curtailed expenditure on salary and pave the way for 3rd PRC, pay anomaly case of 22820 and E2&E3. As most of demand met with finance. During the tenure from 2004 to 2014 , BSNL has turned from 45000 crores cash surplus and 12000 income oriented CPSU’s to cash strapped CPSU’s due to GOI policies at that time. Our pension is also compromised at that time by proposing 60:40 pension contribution rules. Pension contribution rule is resolved or withdrawn with the directions of Honable Chandigarh CAT by the present government. Our promotions in all cadres are held up from 2004 to 2014. Others demands like E2&E3 are turned down inspite of profit in BSNL. During the last 4 years BSNL loss remain constant . TOABSNL demand 10000 crores financial support from GOI from unspent USO funds for providing rural services. We hope GOI/DOT will financial support the BSNL for running the services .

DOT raised certain points regarding implementation of 3rd PRC . TOABSNL has already given its proposals and suggestions on the subject. We also request other Associations to come up with concrete proposals openly for implementation of 3rd PRC and others HR issues like E2&E3, 22820 , promotions, restoration of perks etc pending since long . TOABSNL(BMS)is of opinion that Pension revision has no relation with 3rd PRC. It should be immediately implemented .

Proposals by TOABSNLProposals by TOABSNL Proposals by TOABSNL

BSNL’s satellite business is one of the fastest growing verticals within the telecom company’s enterprise segment with close to 1000% growth over the last year.

State-owned Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has sought government approval to set up the Indian Avionics Network (IAN) with as much as 500 base trans-receiver stations (BTS) much needed to offer in-flight connectivity (IFC) to air passengers. “We have already written to the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) to provide Indian Avionics Network for broadband connectivity in flights,” BSNL chairman Anupam Shrivastava told ETTelecom, adding that the telco having partnered with Inmarsat is well-poised to offer IFC services.

“Airtel, Voda-Idea bring minimum validity packs to boost profitability” BSNL should also launch these type of packs to weed out those consumers which does not generate any revenue .

The good times for marginal consumers of mobile phone services may finally be over. Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea’s recent decision to ring in minimum recharge prepaid packs signals their bid to boost average revenue per user (ARPU), focus on profitable customers and weed out those that aren’t generating any revenue. Market leader Vodafone Idea and No.2 Airtel have introduced a 28-day validity period on a host of sub- Rs 100 prepaid packs — such as Rs 35, Rs 65 and Rs 95 — which means consumers who don’t recharge on these plans would see outgoing calls blocked in 30 days and incoming in 45 days. Analysts said the move indicates the two big incumbents have finally realized that there’s been way too much pricing damage over the past two years since Reliance Jio’s disruptive entry, which has taken a toll on their revenue and profitability, and needs urgent correction.