Status of promotion from DE’s to DGM’s

Due to court case by office bearers of One of the so called welfare Association, promotion of 900 DE’s to DGM’s is held up. As result 900 posts of DE’s are reduced and it will affect our career. We request to this Association, please pursue with his office bearers to withdraw the court case immediately so that complete list no 5,6 and 7 will be cleared .

Status of promotion from SDE’s to DE’s …………..

One of the so called welfare Association try it best to revised the already finalized seniority list no 5 ,6 and 7 on the basis of Interim Order . BSNL Management is not issued look after order for AGM in BSNL CO after Interim order of Hon’able SC. This Association pressed for issuance of promotion orders after revision of seniority. If it is happen, than all SCF SDE’s are left behind . At present more than 5000 posts of DE’s is vacant including all. TOA BSNL pressed for issuance of promotion orders of all SDE’s in list no 5, 6 and 7 by upgrading and converting MT posts.

Congratulations to all promoted JTO’s-Click for detail

With the persistent pressure of TOA BSNL BMS, BSNL Management issue promotion orders from JTO(T) to SDE(T)for 3139 JTO’s .Every efforts has been made by these so called welfare Associations to scuttle the process of SCF promotions BUT FAILED. These Associations tried its best to stay on promotion orders but could not succeed We raised promotion of SCF from last one year. These so called welfare Associations again scuttle the process of DE’S to DGM’s THROUGH COURT CASE for 900 posts for personnel benefit .These Associations are also against promotion of SDE’s to DE’s otherwise 5000 more posts SDE’s got vacant and all JTO’s upto 2007-2008& 2009 will cleared. TOA BSNL also thanks to BMS and DOT for help and cooperation for this particulars case. TOA BSNL again congratulate all the promoted JTOs . TOA BSNL will strongly and continuously pursue promotion of SCF from finalized list no 5,6,7 (4300 posts)and DE's to DGM's (900) so that all JTO's upto year 2008-2009 will cleared. OUR NEXT TARGET 3rd PRC BY 15 August.

Trade Union Agitational Programme for :-

To, 1. Secretary (T), DOT, Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi-110 001. 2. CMD , Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited Bharat Sanchar Bhawan , New Delhi ......................... The entire 25000 SCF executives of BSNL are very much disturbed with BSNL Management unilaterally, discriminatory and biased attitude towards DOT recruited /BSNL optee executives in case of promotions and financial matter. All executives are on agitation path from so many years but BSNL Management failed to resolve any of the issues but act against their career progression and financial loss on all matters....... 1. Financial up-gradation of E-1A and E-2A scale to E2& E3, E3 to E4 and subsequent up-gradation and pay anomaly case of post 2007 JTO’s/JAO’s (22820)...... 2. In SCF promotions from JTO’s to SDE’s, SDE’s to DE’s and DE’s to DGM for all wings....... 3. In Cadre Hierarchy, up-to GM level and No MT recruitment....... 4. 3rd PRC with 15% fitment...... Under these circumstances, TOA BSNL has decided to conduct following agitational programme against all these issues:..... 1. Holding of lunch hour demonstration, wearing of black wedges, passing of resolutions and sending it to Authorities on 19.06.2018 in all Circle and SSA HQ..... 2. Work according to rule and non corporation with BSNL Management from 19-06-2018..... 3. SMS/Whatsapp/Facebook/Twitter/Telegram Messages to Secretary DOT and CMD and Dir (HR) of BSNL. .... 4. Lunch Hour demonstration in front of Sanchar Bhawan on 26th June 2018. ..... 5. Two days Strike from 16 July 2018...... With regards Yours Faithfully (Anil Kumar Tiwari) Copy to:- 1. Central Chief labour Commissioner, New Delhi for information and necessary action please. 2. Dir (HR), BSNL Board, New Delhi. 3. GM(SR)/GM(Pers.) BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi . 4. General Secretary, Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh, New Delhi. 5. Secretary General, ITEF, New Delhi. 6. All BSNL Unions and Associations for support on subject matter.

Cadre hierarchy in BSNL-reg

It is one of worst ever cadre hierarchy among all the CPSU's. In all other CPSU's cadre hierarchy is up-to top management level but in BSNL it restricted to AGM only . Our so called welfare Association again are in congratulation& dancing mood without getting anything . TOA BSNL strongly in favour of cadre hierarchy up-to GM level. No outsider MT . Outside recruitment is at the level of GM and above in top management. Account official are already getting promotion in 6-8 years now their promotion delayed till 12 years. stagnation at AGM level.