BSNL, MTNL revival: Govt to discuss plan today………..

According to sources, the Digital Communications Commission (DCC), the highest decision-making body of the DoT, will discuss various options to revive the sick telecom firms. DoT to discuss BSNL, MTNL revival plan today. The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) will deliberate on revival of state-run BSNL and MTNL on Thursday as the financial condition of both the firms have deteriorated over the last couple of years due to increased competition. Apart from the proposals submitted by the two firms, the DoT is also exploring the idea of transferring employees of the firms to other departments like BBNL, Bharatnet, among others, so that the wage bill of the companies can be reduced and an immediate relief is provided. A high wage bill has been the main reason for the bad financial health of the companies, apart from cut-throat competition in the telecom sector.

Illegal group of Associations and Unions have already blocked all channels of discussion . We have continously informed BSNL Employees that they are least intrested in 3rd PRC. These so called Majority Associations leaders wanted to gain political mileage utilizing BSNL Employees strength.

These so called Majority Associations now start blaming others nascent Associations for their own failures. Drama of these Associations and unions ended today. Today is 3rd day of drama. Most of CHQ Leaders of these Associations are either on duty or on medical leave .

If affordability clause is not relax for BSNL before last Cabinet meeting i.e 27 February 2019, 3rd PRC is not possible. In order to proceed to Cabinet Meeting, approval of Telecom Commission is required. Last meeting of TC is 21 February. So prime focus should be on removal of affordability clause . Percentage is decided by DOT or management even after code of conduct. Majority Associations are intrested in politics due to political direction and not intrested in 3rd PRC or 22820 or E2E3.

BSNL Management ready to neutralization of DA immediately and has already submitted its proposal for 5% fitness benefits without 58 and VRS to DOT on Friday (given in writing to TOABSNL, BTEUBSNL and FNTO) . DOT will submit its proposal of 5% Fitness benefits in Digital Commission on dated 21-02-2019 , after approval from Digital Commission, case will be process for Cabinet . Last Cabinet meeting will be held on 27-02-2019 before code of conduct into picture . BSNL revival plan like 4G spectrum allotment and Financial support etc will also discussed in Digital Commission as per IIMA report.

Latest status about 3rd PRC and Revival of BSNL….

BSNL Management has offered 5% fitness benefits without VRS and 58 .But certain Associations and Unions not interesting in PRC under the direction of certain Political Parties . Every efforts has made by these Associations along with their political masters to create panic among employees and tarnish the image of company . If TOABSNL and BTEUBSNL will receive considerable support from employees we will go ahead with proposal along with other like minded Associations and Unions.