TOABSNL support AIGEOA stand that “Single executive feeder cadre and No lateral recruitment from among outside in the name of MT/DGM above JTO/JAO.”

TOABSNL desire support from all Associations for new designation of "Additional DGM" for all those executives within E-5 scale +3 years of service or in E-6 scale to end up stagnation and motivation of senior executives . Above proposal is already under active consideration in DOT with support of BMS. We hope positive outcome against our genuine demand.

Sri Vrijesh Upadhyay Ji,GS BMS along with President ITEF Shri Ratnesh Kumar and Sri Dhararam Raj Singh GS MTNL Majdoor Sangh met Sri Napendra Mishra IAS Private Secretary to the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India on dated 10/12/2018 and discussed different measures to revival and survival of BSNL&MTNL and Implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL and MTNL and relaxation of Affordability Clause for smooth implementation of 3rd PRC .Sri Nripendra Mishra assured to sort out the Issues at the earliest. TOABSNL in support with BMS try to approach PMO to resolve different challenge face by BSNL.

TOABSNL is strongly against the external MT recruitment…..

TOABSNL demand all 300 posts to be filled from internal candidates without any age or qualification creteria, whosoever capable clear the exam and interview process. Even today recruited JTOs should also be allowed. GOI selected IAS from newly graduate through UPSC ,why not MT in BSNL?.No external MT. However TOA BSNL support external GM and above recruitment as urgently required.

Our so called Majority Associations are in congratulation mode and celebrating surrendering of 3rd PRC shamelessly ……

lacs of members of these associations waiting for reply from them what action our Majority Associations are suggested or taken for 3rd PRC. As election code of conduct come into picture next month............ . TOABSNL approach all available channels of GOI and others along with legal route for implementation of 3rd PRC with limited membership strength and resources .

TOABSNL approach BMS to take up number of pending HR issues without financial involvement .

At present executives in different cadres of JTO's , SDE's , DE's , AO's and PA's/PS's waiting for promotion since long . In most of the cases vacancies exist and no expenditure incurred during promotion . But BSNL Management failed to resolve or sort out hindrance inspite of positive attitude due to some invisible factors . So we request BMS to take up the case of promotion with Honable MOC and DOT to instruct BSNL Management to expedite the promotions in all cadres . BMS assured to look into the matter .