Message of SVS Subrahmanyum Secretary General ( Indian Telecom Employees Federation) about false propaganda by some media ……..

Dear brothers and sisters... Please do not get carried away with the reports appearing in the press about BSNL. They are far from truth. The press in India has a tendency to pick up negative narative and spread it fast. I have interacted with very senior officers in the Govt and as per their assurances BSNL is poised to do much better than it is now. The Govt has decided to revive BSNL. SVS.SUBRAHMANYAM

GS TOABSNL ,GS BTEU BSNL & SG ITEF meet Senior officers in DOT …..

The reports appearing in press today about BSNL was discussed with them. It is informed that 1) The IIM final report is received in DOT 2) As per this report 3 proposals were there a) to revive BSNL b) to Disinvest in BSNL and c) to close BSNL. 3) The Government has chosen the option of revival of BSNL due to the fact that an amount of Rs.90000 crores is needed to settle the staff issues and such kind of funding is difficult to manage and 4) as long as the DOT recruited employees are in service, the BSNL cannot be closed. Same is the case with MTNL also. 5) Pension contribution on actual basic pay is a settled issue and that orders will be issued. 6) Pension revision on CDA pattern is likely to be approved so that there will not be any issue with regards to Pension for the coming 40 to 50 years. 7) Land monitisation will be done through government agency and that the money earned through it will be put back into BSNL only. 8) Spectrum will be allocated for 4 G. The Government is likely to take a final call on PRC, VRS etc and communicate to the employees at any moment.

On 12.2.19, The delegation comprised of Shri SVS.Subramanyam Secretary General ITEF, Sh Dharam Raj Singh, GS MTNL MS, Sh. R.C.Pandey GS BTEU BSNL,Sh. Anil Tiwari GS TOA BSNL and Sh. Mahaveer Singh President MTNL MS met Shri P.K.Purwar, CMD MTNL, who will take over as CMD BSNL from 1.7.19 as a courtesy and congratulated him on his new assignment. Different current Issues concerning MTNL and BSNL were discussed. He has stated that the meeting of Telecom Commission to be held on 21.2.19 will clear many issues.

Today TOABSNL , BTEUBSNL , ITEF General Sectaries met BSNL Management regarding 3rd PRC . We convey our displeasure that negotiation on 3rd PRC should be held with all Associations( instead of six) as BSNL Management has already declared group of six Associations as illegal . Moreover, it does not reflect the views of all associations or employees as claimed . More than 10 others Associations ( including three recognized Unions namely SEWA, FNTO, BTEUBSNL ) are ready to negotiate with Management on 3rd PRC . BSNL management respond in positive and negotiation for 3rd PRC will start very soon and result will be reflected in next few days .