Retiree leaders of 7 leftist Unions opposed the VRS in BSNL….

After rationalization of staff through Voluntary scheme reduced salary bill burden to 60% , additional saving leads to ways for fast track promotions in all cadres , arrangement of funds for O&M , new recruitment of staff against vacant posts for services like FTTH, funds for procurement of equipment for 4G &5G services etc . However , it is also true that if most of the HR issues of employees are resolved than monthly subscriptions of Unions reduced to 50% after VRS. So these leaders opposed the VRS otherwise hollow justification has no meaning . These leftist leaders are against the revival of BSNL as in case of other industries . Even a single HR issues are not resolved by these Associations from last 18 years . They are also against 3rd PRC .

Bharti Airtel gets SEBI nod to raise up to Rs 25,000 crore via rights issue. But our leftist and communist Unions opposed equity infusion through market …..

Last month, Airtel's board had approved plans to raise Rs 32,000 crore through equity and bond sales. The fund-raising plans entail rights issuance of up to Rs 25,000 crore and Perpetual Bond with equity credit of up to Rs 7,000 crore.The SEBI has given green signal to the rights issue of Airtel,The company had also informed that its promoters would take part in rights issue plan with Singapore Telecommunications (Singtel) will be subscribing 17 crore shares in the Airtel's for a total consideration of Rs 3,750 crore, while Singapore government's investment arm GIC will be subscribing to shares worth Rs 5000 crore.

Stand of Associations about VRS and 3rd PRC. All those employees who are interested for VRS should immediately resigned and stop subscription to these Associations. TOABSNL appreciate AIGEOA to took clear stand for VRS and revival of BSNL. After spoiling all industries in West Bengal, these leftist Associations now try to spoil BSNL future and our career …

Our so called majority Associations fluctuate its stand on VRS like pendulum. These Associations neither have clear vision nor any proposals on any of the employees HR issues. These are running from the politburo policies . One constituents of AUAB opposed and passed resolution against VRS and other say that VRS is effected only with pay revision These communist supported Associations always misguiding the employees . Whenever something positive going to happen they start claim victory shamelessly . Three days strike is the route cause of delay in salary for the month of February . These Associations failed to explain till date why 3rd PRC is not implemented . Why these Association opposed 5% fitness benefits . Why these Associations run away from negotiation again and again

BSNL revival to take time, DoT to assist financially………

New Delhi, April 8 (IANS) State-run telecom major BSNL's financial revival through a voluntary retirement scheme (VRS) and land monetisation are not an overnight process, an official source said on Monday. In order to avoid any emergency, the Department of Telecom (DoT) will be extending all the monetary assistance to BSNL till June, including for salary payment, he added. The Prime Minister's Office (PMO) has also recently reviewed the financially troubled situation of BSNL and asked the DoT to extend all possible help to the public sector unit till June. According to the official, DoT has standby funds ready for any financial exigencies in BSNL till June on account of salary payment or network maintenance front. DoT is yet to get approval for the Rs 6,535 crore VRS package and for the land monetisation exercise. According to the source, concrete actionb on BSNL's revival will have to await the formation of a new government at the Centre and till the new company management takes over. The DoT has referred the 4G spectrum issue to telecom regulator TRAI, and is preparing a draft cabinet note on VRS, the source said. "Major decisions are rarely taken by an outgoing government. Preparing a cabinet note for circulation does not mean the proposals have been through scrutiny," he said. "Different ministries will give their views..after all, the government has to bear the cost of the bonds that will be floted for the VRS," the source added. The chairman of state-run MTNL P.K. Purwar will assume charge of BSNL in July this year after the current incumbent retires. Monetising BSNL land is also a time-consuming process before actual land sale takes place, the official said. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India's (TRAI) recommendations on BSNL's 4G spectrum proposal may also take some more months to arrive.

BSNL Board Meeting will be held on 15-04-2019 to discuss the trends in its annual results among other investment plans…

The April 4 board meeting discussed some HR issues, sources said adding if the incomes from government projects are included the loss may be reduced marginally. Till then the assessment of its losses or operations are not in public domain and financial and telecom experts don't get credible information from the management to analyse the situation. The PSU said its a non-listed entity so making the numbers public is not mandatory.

Communist supported Unions misguiding employees as “One recalls how a part of Department of Telecommunications (DOT) was corporatized against a stiff resistance from the employees’ Unions in the late 1990s by NDA-1” in a key note upload by them. In 1990 NDA is not in existence. Downfall of BSNL start from 2004 till 2009 with the support of leftist Unions of BSNL . Our Pension reduced in ratio 60:40 in 2007 , but these so called leftist Unions failed to utter a word against government at that time .

Now these Unions try to become champions . But the bias against BSNL continued. TRAI looking the other way when private players flouted the conditions of license, while BSNL dutifully followed them (Coverage of unprofitable rural areas),stopping of compensation for this since 2011, stopping of compensation to BSNL for use by private players, of tower network erected by BSNL (65000 in number ), debarring BSNL from bidding for 3-G spectrum, All these happen during UPA period supported by leftist Unions