General Secretary TOABSNL took up the issue of Review Of proposed 3rd PRC and Cadre Hierarchy Policy with DOT officials and Government and raised our points -1. Cadre hierarchy should be based on length of service. 2. Before implementing Cadre hierarchy all vacant posts should be filled up .3. Cadre hierarchy is upto Jt. GM level 4. 3rd PRC should be implemented with all pay and perks.

General Secretary  TOABSNL  took up the issue of Review Of  proposed 3rd PRC and Cadre Hierarchy Policy with DOT officials and Government  and raised our...

One of the Associations regularly shamelessly accepted the diluted version of pay, perks and promotions benefits. In the 2nd PRC, this Association accepted lesser pay and perks , suspension of LTC , Transportation allowance , education allowances , pending due against 78.2%, 60:40 pension etc in spite of huge profit BSNL earn in 2007 . In 3rd PRC this Association again in congratulation mode without perks . After personnel illegal promotion, this Association again accepted the diluted / distorted version of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy submitted by KHAN Committee. This will block the career progression of SCF executives. In others CPSU, Cadre Hierarchy is at GM level.

Management Committee of BSNL Board has approved the draft proposal of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy by regular pursuance by TOA BSNL with MOC/DOT and BMS after lapse of 17 years. TOA BSNL demand Cadre Hierarchy should be at the level of Jt. GM with the designation like ADET instead of Sr. SDE, Additional Director after AGM, Additional GM and Jt. GM after DGM post etc . CPSU Cadre Hierarchy submitted by KHAN Committee has been diluted / distorted which is against the terms & conditions of the assurances given before absorption to BSNL executives. We will raise it in our repatriation case. One of our welfare Association tries to restrict it upto Sr. SDE level.TOA BSNL again requested to BSNL Board to upgrade it upto Jt. GM level . Click for detail representation submitted by TOA BSNL to Hon’ble MOC dated 29-05-2017 and reminder on 23-08-2017.

cadre hir to MOC 23-08-2017cadre hir to MOC 23-08-2017cadre hierarchy