TOA BSNL communicated Prime Minister of India to intervene and action for transfer of USO funds to BSNL to provide digital rural connectivity .

BSNL has already laid OFC cable in more than 2 lacs villages in India with huge expenditure of Rs 30000 Crores to fulfill the dream of digital India in rural Area . But till date, number of broadband connections on Fiber to Home (FTTH) network are very small in rural area . USO fund, which was in operation since 2002, has an unspent amount of Rs 50,000 crore as on date this year, which cannot be used for any other purposes.( USO fund is collected from the consumers of telecom services to provide financial support to operators to provide services in uncovered villages) BSNL is unable to provide FTTH connections in rural and urban area due to financial crunch. TOA BSNL demand immediately transfer of USO funds of Rs 50,000/- Crores to BSNL to provide rural connectivity to fulfill the dream of Honable Prime Minister of India . TOA BSNL with support of BMS already pursuing the matter with PMO in this regards