TOABSNL approach BMS to take up number of pending HR issues without financial involvement .

At present executives in different cadres of JTO's , SDE's , DE's , AO's and PA's/PS's waiting for promotion since long . In most of the cases vacancies exist and no expenditure incurred during promotion . But BSNL Management failed to resolve or sort out hindrance inspite of positive attitude due to some invisible factors . So we request BMS to take up the case of promotion with Honable MOC and DOT to instruct BSNL Management to expedite the promotions in all cadres . BMS assured to look into the matter .

Case for E-2 and E-3 scale for BR JTO’s………

One of executive Association requested for the revision of Pay scales E-1 by E-2, E-2 by E-3 and upgradation of subsequent pay scales E-3 by E-4, E-5 by E-6 and E-6 by E-7 on its website whereas other constituents are supporting for upgradation of scale from E1A by E2 and E2A by E3 only without cascading effect. When constituents themselves are not unanimous on this matter, How they discussed with Management ??? They are just misguided the youngster as well as others on this issue from last so many years.

TOABSNL continue its agitational programme because………..

As our so called Majority Associations and Unions completely failed to resolve on all fronts . These Associations misguided and spreading misinformation regarding 3rd PRC and habitual of this type of drama in the past. They are silent why 7th pay commission implemented in BSNL ?? .. As DOT categorically denied 3rd PRC without proper financial proposals. 3rd PRC has no link with allotment of 4G spectrum in any of the pay revision notification. These Associations now start spreading rumours and lie among employees. TOABSNL will start agitational programme from next week for 1...Implementation of 3rd PRC 2.. Pay anomaly case of 22820 3... FR22 for OJTOs 4. Promotion from DEs to DGMs 5 ..Promotion from list no 8 ( Sides to DEs) 6... Promotion of 6000 JTOs to SDEs against vacant posts 7.. Allotment of funds in the tune of 10000 croes to BSNL from unspent USO funds for 4G and rural services etc

TOABSNL demand from Government of India to allow BSNL for raising of funds through financial Institutions and banks for its expansion programme and others financial liabilities.

As Government of India/DOT going to allot 4G spectrum to BSNL in near future . In order to commercial launching of 4G services . Funds are required for procurement of equipment. So we demand GOI to allow BSNL for raising of funds through financial Institutions and banks for its expansion programme and others financial liabilities. At present due to funds crunches, even electrical bills and others urgent payment got delayed It is very much necessity for revival of BSNL.

View of TOABSNL on agitational programme launch by so called Majority Associations…………

So called majority Associations after creating so much bitterness with Government and unnecessarily dragging irrelevant issues with BSNL affairs and our demand of 3rd PRC on political patronage , now every efforts are being made by them to back track from strike notice on 3-Dec 2018 without any assurances and commitments. Case of 4G spectrum and Pension on actual basis has already process and resolve soon.

TOABSNL morally support the agitational programme launch by different Unions and Associations of BSNL for implementation of 3rd PRC and revival and survival of BSNL .

We hope it should not be eyewash and call back agitational programme after personnel benefit . In the past all such programmes are called back after individual benefits like promotions or transfer & posting etc. TOABSNL also support the VRS proposal (if any ) or raising of funds through equity market by BSNL or any such proposal for financial support to BSNL .