Status about merger of MTNL and BSNL…..

Matter for merger of MTNL and BSNL will be cleared immediately after VRS process is complete. All MTNL loss will be taken over by GOI along with surplus land. Pay scales in both the PSUs may be same. Case of 22820 and E2E3 automatically resolved.

Status about 3rd PRC….

3rd PRC will be implemented with 15% benefits immediately after successful completion of VRS ( if VRS target 100% ) and revival process. If VRS target achieved 50% , 3rd PRC benefits will be 0% .if salary bill is not reduced considerably than 3rd PRC is also impossible. All blocked perks restored if target achieved 100%..Fast track promotions in all cadres along with pending issues like E2E3 and 22820 depend upon success of VRS.

Gujarat Model VRS Scheme Compensation……….

Gujarat Model VRS Scheme Compensation Calculation Rules Gujarat State has introduced a VRS scheme for marginal profit or loss making enterprises. Compensation is also called Ex-Gratia in this context. Rule 1: Only the present Basic Pay and DA (Domestic Allowance) are used for calculation of Compensation amount. Rule 2: Minimum compensation will be Rs. 25,000 or 250 days salary which ever is higher. The compensation should not exceed the amount calculated for his remaining service. Rule 3: Maximum compensation will be up to 36 months amount for the remaining service. Rule 4: Compensation is based on 35 days for a Completed Year and 25 days for Remaining Service Period. Rule 5: Original Gujarat Pattern VRS Scheme suggested 26 days per Month for calculation of single day salary compensation. Later to bring uniformity among all other government organisations, Gujarat Scheme was modified to 30 days a month to calculate Single Day Salary. Rule 6: If the calculated compensation or ex gratia amount is more than 36 months of salary (Basic + DA), then the amount which is lower will be taken in to account. Rule 7: If the employee already completes 30 years of service, he is eligible for 60 months of salary (Basic + DA) or amount payable based on completed years and pending service which ever is lower. For employees who have not completed 30 years of service, only 36 months is the maximum limit. This 60 months scheme is applicable only if stated explicitly and it is not for all organisations. Rule 8: Within 3 months of announcement, employee has to opt for the said VRS / VSS Scheme. Otherwise, organisation may deny VRS. Rule 9: If the organisation is loss making or financially weak, it may try for Bank Loans for completing the VRS process. If bank loans are not possible, then Budgetary support may be given. Rule 10: Organisations may try to convince Talented and skilled employees not to opt for VRS package. Management has right to reject the Voluntary Retirement Applications for welfare of the organisation.

None of serving employees throughout India participated in today demonstrations against VRS. Some retirees leftist supporters under the direction of politburo participate in demonstrations for photo session.

3rd PRC will be implemented with 15% benefits w.e.f 1.10.2019 after completion of VRS process. Some BSNL staff may also be deputed in BBNL and new Mobile Company. Pension revision should be on same pattern. One drawback in VRS process is that Unions may loss monthly subscription.

Information about revival plan of BSNL…….

BSNL Management dominated by ITS officers neither interested in VRS nor implementation of IIMA report for revival of BSNL. Because after the revival plan, more accountability will be fixed on them in term of revenue . At present Free Mobile connections without revenue is main target as achievement of these officers . At present 5(five) crores ( 50% of total connections ) inactive mobile subscribers drain our revenue on mobile maintenance . Some Unions and Associations is behave as puppet in the hand of these forces . With the implementation of IIMA report , some Circles/SSA will be merged and administrative expenditure reduced drastically . This lobby now trying to save its perks and pay through CCA but against implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL. Now BSNL employees understand the thing in detail and none of them participated in demonstration except few retirees leaders all over India .

Why TOABSNL is supporting VRS?

Dear friends , You are aware that process of VRS initiated so many times since 2009. it is not decided suddenly . In the earlier occasion minority government failed to took strong policy decision . DOT is now firm for revival of BSNL. All 1.75 lacs BSNL is in favour of VRS proposal . Government is consulting regularly with different Unions and Associations about different VRS proposals . As per information very lucrative VRS proposal like Gujarat pattern with additional increment or ex gratia are under consideration. Some leftist Unions under the direction from politburo always opposed the VRS and revival of BSNL due to fear of reduction in monthly subscription. At present ,almost 60000 existing workforce may opt for VRS. These leftist Unions utilized the membership for political meetings. In the past, these Associations have surrendered our 3rd PRC benefits inspite of offer given by DOT during meeting. The question is why retirees’ leaders of these leftist Unions and Associations opposed VRS and revival of BSNL? Because these Association are run from Politburo and their activities depend upon the funds generated from employees contributions. After VRS, source of funding will collapsed. All employees are aware that these retirees leaders have no interest for revival of BSNL because Pension is paid by DOT . TOABSNL is sensitive to the interests of these retiree leaders . It is to everybody’s knowledge that the Unions and Associations of BSNL are failed miserably on all HR issues. Even our salary is in endanger due to action of these retirees leaders. For last couple of years, action of Unions and Associations have been creating bad image of BSNL among public. When the entire country press into election mode and Model Code of Conduct is affected. Suddenly all these leaders start agitational programme as per direction from politburo. Why these leaders run away from negotiation table with Management about pay revision for non executives. These Associations and Unions initiated agitational programme, after misguiding employees than forget the issue , again started new one . It is habit of so called Majority Associations from 18 years . e.g case ITS repatriations, Tower company formation , BBNL formation etc . Why 2nd PRC benefits not resolved till date. Why 2nd PRC delayed three years when BSNL was in huge profits??. Why our perks curtailed during negotiations on 2nd PRC ?? . Where is ITS repatriation issue??. Where is LTC??. Where is CPSU cadre hierarchy??. None of our issues resolved till date by these Associations. ………………… All 1.75 lacs. BSNL employees requested with folded hand to these leaders, please spare us and stopped spreading misinformation and misguiding BSNL work force. TOABSNL support VRS because –1. Salary bill will reduced drastically. 2 Promotions will be on fast track. 3. All leaders shall go to field units for works. 4. BSNL will revive and survive . So TOABSNL strongly opposed the agitational programme of retiree leaders.

Status about revival and survival of BSNL and implementation of IIMA report…

Deliberation on modalities for VRS, 3rd PRC , Pension revision and other HR issues are going on with real stake holder of the Company . As retirees leaders of leftist Unions are against VRS proposal from tooth and nail ,so it need not necessary to discuss about VRS proposals with these leaders . In order to fulfill Financial obligation, TOABSNL is in favour of that all the monetary assistance should be provided by DOT to BSNL at present. No scrapping of posts after VRS in operational stream..

Implementation of IIM Ahmadabad report …………

TOABSNL is aggressively pursuing and support the implementation of IIMA report on revival plan like allotment of 4G spectrum , Financial support to BSNL from USO funds, VRS , implementation of 3rd PRC , pension revision ,promotions and restoration of perks . All these plans are interlinked . But leftist UNIONS as usual opposed all the initiated taken by GOI for revival of BSNL as per direction from politburo. All 1.7 lacs BSNL employees strongly against the agitational programme on dated 12-04-2019 of retirees leaders against VRS

All Private Telecom Operators has imposed minimum monthly recharge of Rs 36 for GSM subscribers . APRU and revenue of all the private operators has increased. JIO have fixed monthly recharge of Rs 149 for 28 days. BSNL has more than 6 Crores inactive subscribers generating zero revenue . BSNL incurred expenditure on maintenance of these inactive GSM connections. Most of the connections are of poor rural masses. BSNL should seek compensation from DOT against these connections from USO funds otherwise imposed Minimum monthly Recharge of Rs 15 with full talk time (less than 50% vis a vis private operators ) to generate at least 1000 Crores revenue .