BSNL to invest Rs 4,300 crore for network expansion in 2018-19.

State-owned Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) will invest about Rs 4,300 crore to expand network in 2018-19, and another Rs 5,000-6,000 crore is likely to be the utilized for government telecom projects, according to a top official. The investment of Rs 4,300 crore earmarked for BSNL's own expansion will primarily go into strengthening the mobile network, upgrading broadband infrastructure and strengthening the core network, its Chairman and Managing Director Anupam Shrivastava "Rs 5,000 to 6,000 crore will be spent on the government projects like Bharat Net, Network for Spectrum, the Comprehensive Telecom Development Plan for North East, as well as boosting connectivity to Andaman with optical fibre network, and others," he said. Other government projects that BSNL is executing include providing bandwidth to Lakshadweep Islands, and connecting remote areas of Arunachal Pradesh, he said. "Government is investing in large connectivity projects. To Read more click at://

TOA BSNL(BMS) demand revision in BSNL Transfer Policy 2006 for executives completed hard tenure posting

1. It is observed that in some Circles , after completion of hard tenure, executives are posted in far flung area in the circle and his/her request for same or near by station are not considered in the name of transfer policy .It will lead to unrest among executives particularly among those who were completing hard tenure station . So TOA BSNL (BMS ) represented that after completion of hard tenure posting , official should be posted in choice of station instead same circle. Order for choice of station should be issued from Corporate office itself as per request of applicant . recent case is of UP(East ) where official are posted to far flung area and further harassment to official and family .

TOA BSNL(BMS) demand implementation of transfer and posting through ERP system for better transparency in BSNL like APAR.

At present , In most of the Circles/SSA's, transfer and posting are influenced by one group or other group by wasted interest and become a major source of corruption. Neither waiting list are maintained nor conveyed to executives apply for request transfer. TOA BSNL (BMS) represented to BSNL Management as ERP system has already been implemented in BSNL so all request /transfer should be maintained and done through ERP only.

Congratulation to Newly elected body of ALTTC and ERP Circle

Newly elected body of ALTTC and ERP Circle comprising of 1. President Sh.M.M.Maini DM (ERP), ERP Centre Gaziabad 2 Working President Sh. Manoj Mishra AGM(CFA-I) ALTTC Gaziabad 3 Vice President :Sh. K.P.Singh CAO ALTTC Gaziabad 4. Circle Secretary : Sh. Sudeep Pandey , AGM (Works) ALTTC Gaziabad 6. Dy. Circle Secretary :Sh Praveer Pal AGM (lib) ALTTC 6 Circle Organization Secretary - Sh Deepak Kumar JTO 7 .Finance Secretary Sh. Rahul Gupta JTO (ERP) 8 Sh Lalit Bhushan JAO ALTTC 9 Sh A.N.Singh AGM(TM) We all congratulated to the newly elected team of ALTTC and ERP Circle of BSNL-

BSNL ने सभी सर्किल के लिए लॉन्च किया 4G सिम कार्ड.

भारत संचार निगम लिमिटेड (BSNL) ने सभी सर्किल के लिए 4G सिम कार्ड लॉन्च कर दिया है। कंपनी ने अपने प्री-पेड और पोस्ट-पेड दोनों प्रकार के ग्राहकों के लिए 4जी सिम जारी किए हैं। बीएसएनएल के 4जी सिम की कीमत 20 रुपये होगी जिसे कोई भी यूजर्स खरीद सकता है। हालांकि बीएसएनएल ने अभी आधिकारिक रूप से इस मामले पर कुछ नहीं कहा है। इसकी जानकारी ट्विटर यूजर संजय बाफना के ट्वीट से मिली है। बाफना ने नोटिफिकेशन लेटर भी शेयर किया है।बता दें कि बीएसएनएल ने फरवरी 2018 में केरल में 4G सर्विस लॉन्च किया है। इसी के साथ केरल BSNL की 4जी सर्विस वाला देश का पहला राज्य बन गया है। कंपनी ने केरल के 5 इलाकों में अपने 4जी नेटवर्क की शुरुआत की है। BSNL की 4G सर्विस कंपनी के पास मौजूदा स्पेक्ट्रम पर ही काम करेगी और यूजर्स को 3जी सिम कार्ड पर ही 4जी की स्पीड मिलेगी। वहीं BSNL के चीफ जेनरल मैनेजर पी टी मैथ्यू ने कहा है 2018 के अंत तक केरल के सभी जिलों में 4जी सर्विस शुरू हो जाएगी। वहीं 4जी टेस्टिंग की एक तस्वीर ट्विटर पर शेयर की गई थी। ट्विटर पर @nagellatrinath नाम से हैंडल से एक स्क्रीनशॉट शेयर किया गया था जिसमें बीएसएनएल की 4G स्पीड दिखाई गई थी। स्क्रीनशॉट के मुताबिक बीएसएनएल की 4जी डाउनलोडिंग स्पीड 25.20Mbps और अपलोडिंग स्पीड 5.36Mbps थी।

Congratulation to newly elected body of UP(W) Circle

Congratulation to newly elected body of UP(W) Circle comprising of 1. President :Sh Nimesh Yadav 2 Working President Sh. Rajeev Kumar JTO EB o/o GMTD Muzzaffar Nagar 3. Circle Secretary : Shri Pushpender Saini , JTO O/o GMTD Sahanpur, 4. Dy. Circle Secretary :Sh Veerendra Singh JTO Etah, 5 Circle Organization Secretary - Sh Babu Ram SDE (Trans) O/o Mathura 6. Finance Secretary Sh Manoj Kumar JTO (Core Team ) O/o GMTD Muzaffar Nagar. We all congratulated to the newly elected team of UP(W) Circle of BSNL-click for detail.

TOA(BSNL) views regarding new tower company

As our old Associations earlier extended consent for the formation of tower Company. Now, these Associations are doing politics over a formation of tower company. TOA BSNL is of the strong view that as new tower company has already formed and very much in existence. The only way to stop it is that " Stay order through Court for transfer of BSNL Assets to New company. As all the Mobile Tower Assets are created after formation of BSNL and BSNL property. TOA BSNL fully supports all others Associations and Unions. This is the only way to delay the process of formation of Tower Company. TOA BSNL also of the view that we should only concentrate on 3rd PRC, Cadre hierarchy, other HR issues, free allotment of 4G spectrum and additional funds for up-gradation of services at this junction and avoid fruitless drama.

Congratulation to newly elected body of Tripura SSA

Congratulation to newly elected body of Tripura SSA comprising of 1. President :Sh Anup Roy JTO ETR , 2. Distt. Secretary : Sh Subrata Debbarma , Kailashahar JTO(G/E) , 3. Dy Distt Secretary :Sh Subrata Debbarma JTO, 4 Asstt District Secretary - Sh Biswajit Debbarma JTO ETR 5. Orgnisation Secy - Sh Khitindra Jamatia JTO, 6. Finance Secretary Sh Uttam Chakma JTO TX, 7 Asstt. Finance Secretary -Sh Amrit Sadhan Debbarma JTO planning 8 .Executive Member :Sh Santanu sarkar JTO BTS Maintenance . We all congratulated to the newly elected team of Tripura SSA of BSNL-click for detail.

Congratulation to newly elected NE-I Circle body

Congratulation to newly elected NE-I Circle body comprising of 1. President :Sh Utpal C Bhowmik DE Marketing, 2. Working President : Sh Joydeb De SDE Commercial, 3. Circle Secretary : Sh Sandipan Roy Chowdhury SDE, 4. Dy CS :Sh Chinmoy Biswas JTO, 5. Astt CS: Sh Raju Malakar JTO, 6. Orgnisation Secy: Sh Pronoy Sarkar JTO, 7. Finance Secretary Sh Sourab Das JTO, 8.Executive Member :Kalyan Majumdar JTO . We all congratulated to the newly elected team of NE-I Telecom Circle of BSNL-click for detail