TOA BSNL (BMS) explore and approach all channels of Government of India and others for early implementation of 3rd PRC . Pension contribution of highest of scale is major hurdle in implementation of 3rd PRC. We systematically approach concerned Ministries for modification in this regard with due support of Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh. Process of implementation of 3rd PRC and removal of affordability clause delayed due to action of some of the Associations /unions in the past. TOA BSNL also requested to Secretary (DOT) and Hon’able MOC that all expenditure incurred on salary bill of DOT recruitees and BSNL optees employees should be bear by DOT as at present 80% of BSNL staff performing duties for implementation DOT sponsor projects for NOFN /NFS. Some of the Associations are only doing politics on 3rd PRC instead of suggesting proper mechanism for implementation of 3rd PRC and survival of BSNL. Survival /revival of BSNL and implementation of 3rd PRC simultaneously without financial support from government is not possible in the present scenario. So all innovative proposals should be explore for the survival of BSNL.

letter to CMD BSNL regarding promotion of SDE’s to DE’s from list no.8 before implementation of CPSU Cadre hierarchy -click for detail

TOA BSNL (BMS) STRONGLY IN FAVOUR of promotion of SDE's from list no 8. Sh Anil. K. Tiwari GS, Sh. Sushil Ji, Dy GS, Sh. R.C Pandey Ji GS BTEUBSNL and others met Dir (HR) and other officers regarding promotion from list no 8 and implementation of Pay scale of 22820 . BSNL Management response is positive .TOA BSNL humbly submitted before the Management that there are around 2000 DOT recruited as JTO (Junior Telecom Officer ) joined in BSNL from DOT with the hope for better promotion avenues but these executives are frustrated a lot due to non promotion from last 14 years . The JTOs promoted as SDE in the year of 2004 from list no 8 and completing 14 year service as SDE/DM are still waiting for their next promotion to the STS cadre DE/AGM and are retiring without getting their promotions. BSNL Management has already proposed promotion of executives as AGM after completion of 12 years service as SDE. As all the executives in list no 8 has completed more than 12 years of service. Most of executives are already performing duties of higher responsibilities .So, it is requested to please upgrade the posts and issue promotion orders from SDE’s to DE’s from list no 8. All most all officers’ already drawing pay and perk against such promoted post and no Financial burden incurred on BSNL exchequer with these promotions. It will also reduce court cases as well as motivated the executives and subsequently enhanced the efficiency of the official. Our Association also pursue with concern executives to withdraw the court case in this regard. We further requested to issue the said promotion orders of all executives from list no 8 before implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy .

letter to Secretary DOT ,regarding revival/ survival plan of BSNL/rationalisation of staff and implementation of 3rd PRC-Click for detail letter

In reference to our earlier letter dated 06-02-2018 on subject matter , It is again humbly submitted that Telecom Officers Association (BSNL) is registered trade union of executives affiliated with ITEF and Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh in BSNL. It is further submitted that from the last so many years, different proposals / suggestions/Consultancy reports regarding revival of BSNL and to enable Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs) to rationalize their manpower is circulated in media but none of the proposal is informed to the employees of BSNL , real stake holders of the Company by the BSNL Management, recently two more proposals i.e. reduction in superannuation of age from 60 years to 58 years and VRS is in circulation. At present, out of 48000 executives, only 34000 are enrolled with Associations/ Unions. So approximately 30% are completely not in conformity with viewpoints raised by these Associations/Unions. So TOA BSNL has following view points on the subject matter:- i. That VRS is not offered to all employees so consent of all employees is not necessary. Only 20% employees may opt for VRS if any proposal submitted by Govt. or BSNL Management. ii. That for VRS proposal discussion, referendum route may be adopted with employees of age 50 years and above through ERP system ,which is already operational in BSNL. All employees have unique and secured HRMS number so this procedure is more reliable. iii. Rationalization of staff is need of the hour for survival and implementation of 3rd PRC. iv. 20% rationalization in staff strength of higher bracket paid employees suitably compensate the enhanced expenditure on salary bill after 3rd PRC. Recently NTPC has offered VRS proposal to its employee’s .TOA BSNL is in favour of consultation of VRS proposal as offered to NTPC or other proposals like additional increments for pending service in addition to 60 days pay for each remaining year of service with GOI or BSNL Management if it leads to survival and revival of BSNL in the long run. It is requested to please extents some valuable time for the deliberation of the above matter for the benefit of BSNL and its employees.

Achievement of Majority and supporting Associations “BSNL broken another history: A 1990 rect JTO(Arch) given promotion as SDE(Arch) after 28 years of service as JTO. Last week BSNL promoted a JTO(TF) of 1991 rect as SDE. While working for the welfare of all the sections, SNEA always stand for such deprived lot to bring them at par with others,” proclaims the recognised association website. Is this a matter of pride? Is this not a shame on the recognised association which enjoyed all facilities of a recognised association ever since 2004? Is this the way the association ‘STANDS FOR’ deprived lot? Perhaps leaving things uncared for years and chest-beating when the issues resolve on their own is part of its ‘history’. What have they achieved in the past one and a half years after officially crowned as recognised association? E2, E3 pay scales in place of E1, E2 ? No Cadre hierarchy? No 30% Superannuation benefit for BSNL recruited employees? No Rs.22820 pay scale for JTOs of Batch 2007 onwards ? No Implementation of 3rd pay revision in BSNL? No Formation of BSNL Tower corporation? a big YES

TOA BSNL (BMS) demanded immediate promotion orders of all AOs to CAO’s and remaining JTO/JAO’s and SDE’s against all vacancies on existing DOPT guidelines. If there is any legal hurdle, orders may be issued subject to court case as done in other cases . One of the Association misguided the executives that up-gradation was given to AO’s and DE’s cadre under compulsory situation to come out of the court cases , Court cases on seniority still going on . There is no link between up-gradation and court cases as claimed. All court cases are about seniority and no stay granted by any court on promotion orders in any cadres. BSNL Management is very positive in promotions as conveyed by Management during interactive meeting on 10-07-2018 with GS, but both these so called welfare Associations again start creating hurdle in promotions. If Management is not interested than why this Majority Association assured that orders for DE’s will be issued within 15 days from list no 8 . This Association habitual of misguided executives from the last 17 years. After formation of TOA BSNL , these associations are exposed . Why these Associations are silence on parity in promotions among various wings in equivalent cadres from last 18 years .???? When BSNL start promoting , they create hurdle by raising this issue .