Status of JTO’s to SDE’s promotions…

As per discussion with BSNL Management on subject matter ,it is intimated that only 250 DOT recruited JTO’s are left for promotion against 6000 vacant posts of SDE’s. Most of the DOT recruited JTO’s going to retired in next 2-3 years. Court cases by Association represented by BR is major hurdle in promotions otherwise, BSNL Management is ready for promotion. However any seniority related issue with DR will be decided later on. TOABSNL requested BSNL Management to issue promotion orders subject to court case. BSNL Management assure to look into the matter on top priority .

GS Sh R.C.Pandey BTEUBSNL , GS Sh Jai Prakash Ji FNTO ,Dy GS Sh. Sushil Ji TOABSNL discussed different HR issues including 3rd PRC with Government of India through Sh Saket Kumar Ji PS’s (IAS) and Anand Kumar Ji OSD to Honable MOC in their office on dated 29-11-2018 for about one hour in details. Following is detail of discussion ………………………..

1. 3rd PRC implementation in BSNL - Reply from BSNL to DOT is received . the action is being taken and forwarded for Cabinet note 2. pension Contribution -- Case is examine in afresh by Member(Services ) and Member (Finance ) . Positive outcome is round the corner. 3....Allocation of 4G spectrum to BSNL -- Cabinet note is already circulated for Inter ministerial group by DOT . Positive outcome expected shortly . 4.... Revision of Pension for retirees... DOT has already taken up sympathetically view and early outcome is expected . Discussion on others HR issues like 22820 and modification and implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy will be discussed in next meeting .Both the officers appealed to FNTO, BTEUBSNL, TOABSNL to desist from any organisational programme.

Legal Notice for effecting repatriation of DoT absorbee in BSNL back to DoT on account of vitiation of option for absorption in BSNL arising out of violation of assurance contained in Executive instructions vide letter dated 9.11.2000 by Union of India itself and section 29 of Indian Contract Act.

BSNL obsorbee employees feel frustrated from the Government of India policies towards BSNL . Non implementation of 3rd PRC is one among them and suspension of different perks from time to time are other issues. Employees decided to follow legal route for repatriation . legal notice will be served to Union of India and DOT. if no satisfactory reply received we may go to court to resolve the matter. Any body interested to become part of it should contact with respective Circle Secretaries. This legal notice is for all employees, whosoever interested and not bound to any specific Union or Associations .

Latest information about 3rd PRC .

As so called Majority Associations and Unions are not serious about 3rd PRC. Every efforts are made by them to block the 3rd PRC in BSNL. Why so called forum of unions and Associations passed resolution on 22nd Nov 2018 that 3rd PRC issues will be discussed after the resolving all other issues. Forum misguided employees and not committed for 3rd PRC. Infinite Strike notice is also drama of this forum. In the past 18 years we have seen number of such drama. They withdraw agitation without resolving issues or demands. We hope this time these so called welfare Associations serious about 3rd PRC. TOABSNL already support agitation programme.

Samsung to hire 1,000 engineers from India’s top tech colleges…………….

Kolkata: South Korean mobile phone and electronics major Samsung plans to hire close to 1,000 engineers from India's top technology colleges including the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) in 2019, as it continues to bolster its research and development facilities in the country. This is in line with the company's proposal to hire 2,500 engineers for R&D by 2020, a move aimed at strengthening its market position by developing new solutions and services for its products in the face of increasing competition from rivals like Xiaomi. "The new recruits will work on cutting-edge technology at our three R&D centres in Bengaluru, Noida and Delhi, which have evolved as centres of expertise," Sameer Wadhawan, head of human resources at Samsung India, told ET. "Artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing analytics, biometrics , 5G are among the areas where we will add research talent as we continue our commitment to make a strong research base in India."

Airtel, Reliance Jio search for top talent, offer Rs 2 cr salary……………….

MUMBAI: Telecom companies in India are once again into big-ticket hiring, suggesting that the green shoots of stability are emerging in a sector that shed over 100,000 jobs in the past year alone. Bharti Airtel and Reliance Jio Infocomm have put out mandates to recruit executives locally and overseas for salaries of as much as Rs 2 crore, search firms said, adding that they are also looking to fill middle-level positions. Search firm EMA Partners has mandates for an Internet of Things (IoT) product lead who will be paid about Rs 2 crore, a business head of IoT whose salary will be upward of Rs 1 crore, and a content head with a salary of between Rs 80 lakh and Rs 1 crore. The Head Hunters India has been asked to hire an expat as a chief digital officer, with a Rs 1 crore-plus salary. “After a year, there are mandates in the crore-plus category in the sector,” said A Ramachandran, senior partner at EMA Partners. “Hiring for these profiles in the telecom sector is also interesting because earlier these kind of job rolescame from technology companies.”

As per AUAB agreed upon agenda that no 3rd PRC agreed upon unless the settlement of pending 2nd PRC benefits is reached. It means 3rd PRC is not in the main agenda of executives and non executives Associations/unions ………..

Highlight from "During meeting of General Secretaries of AUAB, the issue of settlement of pending benefits of 2nd PRC raised by AIGETOA was thoroughly discussed. GS AIGETOA apprised the house of the prevailing sentiments of BSNL recruits with regard to the issues of Pending 2nd PRC benefits. Forum highlighted that adhering to deadline of 30th November 2018 is not possible as it has to be approved by DoT and BSNL but they committed that unless resolution of pending issues of 2nd PRC benefits are settled, Forum will not agree to any resolution on other points. Accordingly, It was resolved in the house that unless the settlement of Pending 2nd PRC benefits is reached, no settlement will be agreed upon by AUAB with management/DoT on other issues. AIGETOA thanked Forum leader for the firm assurance and resolution taken in house.