letter to CMD BSNL for cancellation of mass transfers and posting in UP (East ) Circle

BSNL is going through financial crunch and every efforts has made by BSNL Management for the avoidable expenditure, on the other hand mass transfers incurred huge expenditure on TA/DA. It will de-motivated and frustrated promote officers . Also during JE to JTO’s promotions, more than 60 % staff ( appox 72 JTO’s ) has been transferred. Moreover after completion of hard tenure, executives are posted in far flung area . Keeping in view the above ,therefore , It is humbly submitted to BSNL Management to instruct the respective CGM to cancel all the avoidable transfers orders with immediate effect to save avoidable expenditure for the safeguard of BSNL .

Entertaining Retired Executives for the official meeting to discuss the HR issues of BSNL Executives in Circles and BSNL CO. -Click for detail

As per rule , these are ineligible to become even a member of any service Association thereafter as per clause 5.(2) of REA Rules, 2014. BSNL management in different Circles . SR Cell very well know the provisions and inspite of that they entertain retired Executives as the General Secretary /Circle Secretary of service Associations for months together. These retired executives are only interested in transfer and posting through corrupt mean;. which is irregular and against the provisions of the REA 2014 Rules.

What they achieved through court cases. It is high time to introspect:

The career growth of all the BSNL Executives are spoiled by battery of court cases by leaders of so called welfare Associations with the tacit support of some section of Executives. All the illegal promotions done by BSNL Management in connivance with these so called welfare Association struck down by different Courts. So, these leaders and Associations are responsible for the misery of all our executives. They continue supporting one group and ignore the legalitimate right of others is root cause of all court cases . Every efforts has made by one group after promotion with the support of so called welfare Associations to scuttle the promotion of SCF JTO's through court cases but failed due to our pressure . So we request all leaders to introspect themselves before imparting “ Gyan to others “

Delegation of Sh. S.V.S Subramanian Ji Secretary General ITEF, Sh. Anil Tiwari Ji GS and others met official of DOT regarding implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL . It was informed that a positive cabinet note is under process of preparation for implementation of 3rd PRC.

TOA BSNL (BMS) is vigorously pursuing case of 3rd PRC with DOT and Hon'able MOC with support of Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh . Case has also discussed last week during high level meeting in PMO for revival and survival of BSNL .