India Telecom operators start launching 5G services from next year immediately after allotment of spectrum …

5G services start launching in most of the western countries. Process will completed in all most all developed countries of the world till 31-03-2020 . So government should initiate the process for launch of 5G services in India through BSNL atleast in major cities before 31-12-2019 in addition to 4G services in other area . Data speed in 5G is 20 times faster than 4G services . BSNL has huge infrastructure facility . 5G services should be launched through PPP mode so that no expenditure ( on spectrum and equipment ) required for launch of services . TOABSNL demand that Government should immediately launch 5G services through BSNL . Some countries launch services less 6 months .

BSNL Management should immediately stopped patronizing retirees leaders . As per Court Judgement retirees are not allowed to continue as office bearers of working Association.Retiree leaders of some leftist Associations publicly opposed VRS proposal due to direction from its politburo . These Associations are against the revival and survival of BSNL.

Rationalization of staff is only solution for revival of BSNL . We are against reduction in retirement age but favor 3rd and VRS on Gujarat pattern. These Associations creating impression that govt expelled 54000 BSNL STAFF , it is not true facts , TOABSNL and other youngster Associations and Unions of working employees demand for attractive VRS from last so many years. retirees have no stake on working employees strength . These leftist leaders spreading rumour among masses that BSNL going to privatized etc and create panic among employees and families . All well wisher of BSNL should opposed the move of these retirees leaders .

PMO meeting with DOT and BSNL Management about revival and survival of BSNL….

Illegal group of Associations and Unions spreading contradictory statements about PMO meeting about revival of BSNL and decision taken therein . Retired GS of one of the Executive Association confirmed that in the PMO meeting, VRS and 58 has already been decided . Other so called majority Association also represented the same view. but non executives leftist Union say otherwise .No official press release issued by PMO or DOT or BSNL Management so for. So all employees should beware of these Associations &Unions . These Associations are always spreading rumour and lying. Their leaders forced other to go on strike but themselves remain on duty . These Associations now try to run away from the call given for Parliament March in the name of proposals. We request BSNL Management to clarify the outcome of meeting if any as all BSNL employees are very much curious about their future.

02.04.2019: Today PMO hold the meeting on Revival of BSNL/MTNL : It is reliably learnt that PMO hold the meeting on revival of BSNL/MTNL on today.

The Meeting was chaired by the Principal Secretary to the Hon’ble Prime Minister. Secretary (T) along with some Senior Officers of DoT and CMD BSNL/MTNL attended the meeting. On revival of BSNL Plan, CMD BSNL gave the Presentation wherein DoT has been asked to submit the Note based on the discussions and decisions taken in the meeting at the earliest. It is understood that the HR issues of BSNL employees concerning to Pay Revision and Pension Revision were not discussed in the meeting

letter from BSNL Co regarding maintenance of service on 5-04-2019……

After lapse of six months ,Non executives majority Association realized that wage negotiation of non executives will be done with BSNL Management not with DOT . Earlier this Association start discussing wage negotiation with DOT under illegal umbrella of Associations. As per rule , wage revision of non executives will be decided by BSNL Management. it is good sign.

CHQ extends best wishes for all employees, who retire today on superannuation, for a happy and peaceful retired life.

Due to rigid attitude of majority leftist Unions & Associations, Our PRC benefits are not negotiated. Hundreds of employees are got retired every months without enhanced Pension, lesser Commutation of Pension etc. in CPSU, wherever ,these leftist Unions are in majority or deciding factor , PRC is neither negotiated not implemented . However in all other CPSUs, 3rd PRC implemented before Model code of conduct come into picture without any strike or agitation .Till today these leftist Associations are misguiding BSNL employees about VRS proposal. Financial condition of BSNL is not sustainable without rationalization of staff. Some of the urgent liabilities like electric bills throughout India, vendor Payments etc are pending/delayed upto June 2019 on DOT request. All these liabilities amounting thousands of Crores should be cleared after election. Where from this money comes?. All working employees should think seriously about it.

As TOABSNL continuously conveying to all working employees that leaders of majority Associations and unions are doing drama instead of resolving even a single problem of employees. These leaders call three days strike but themselves runaway from strike and shown as present and no salary deduction. TOABSNL request these so called leaders stop misguiding the employees.

These leaders enjoying from the employees funds from last so many years. Retirees leaders have no interest for revival of BSNL. They are just puppet of leftist political parties.

Systemic and meticulously calibrated decimation of the strategic PSU, BSNL, by the Government of India during year 2006-2009 with due support of leftist Unions as………..

BSNL have 45000 Crores cash in hand in 2004 but due to Govt policies during 2006-09 by forcefully snatched this huge cash which lead BSNL to bleed, govt blocked all procurement in colluding with others Telecom operators and allotting substandard 2G and WLL spectrum . These were the route cause of our downfall but our communist supporting Unions colluded with political master and become part and parcel of loot .